The Gift of Language and Culture Website is an Aboriginal language site developed by the Lac La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB) Curriculum Resource Unit (CRU). The language site’s focal point is on Instructional Curriculum development for Nursery to Grade 9. There are many other features such as, Cree stories, songs, and talking pictures.

SICC: Our Languages (External Link)
Interactive Language Lessons for Cree (Woodland Cree, Plains Cree, Swampy Cree), 
as well as for Dene, Dakota/Nakota/Lakota, and Nakawe(Saulteaux).

Cree Dictionary (External Link)
Dictionary allowing the translation between English, Cree (SRO), and Cree (Syllabics).

Cree Wikipedia (External Link)
The Cree version of Wikipedia.

How to Say it in Cree  (External Link)
Lessons for those beginning to learn the Cree Language (by Solomon Ratt).

Universal Syllabic Transcribtor (External Link)
Introducing of UST - Universal Syllabic Transcribtor
a new online tools which allows you to write aboriginal syllabics of many Canadian native languages, without any installation of special fonts.

Northern Saskatchewan Heritage Site (External Link)
Historically the Heritage and Culture of Aboriginal people have been woven closely together. On this site we explore our people and their communities, our past, and our present through the use of technology.

NEHINAWE Speak Cree (External Link)
Cree language resources.

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